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Keep moving – everything depends on it!

Exercise isn’t just about body image or taking selfies for an ego boost Bodies adapt by developing in a way that is most appropriate to meet the demands that are placed on them. This is called ‘specificity of training.  If you sit all day, your body has little in the way of demands placed on […]

Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

It’s just not fair! Whilst your brothers and boyfriends and husbands seemed to be able to stuff bread and chips down their throats all day without any serious ramifications, you’d just have to think about a slice of cake and blow up. The sad fact is, women tend to be more insulin sensitive than men. […]


Another 21st Century Ailment If you spend most of your day hunched over a screen, it’s pretty likely you’ll have this. The name alone is self-explanatory. Its symptoms can range from pain and/or stiffness in the neck, shoulders and/or upper back. Even if you’re not at a computer every day, think about how many times […]

My Pelvic Floor

All women should be able to sneeze with confidence!  I’ve had this really nasty tight hip flexor on my left and started to also get sciatica down the right. This bloody hip flexor just wouldn’t release no matter how much stretching or pounding and it’s rotating the hip forward. I had a brainwave and went […]

Gym Etiquette You Need To Know…….

What do you actually do in a gym? What are the mysterious rules and is there a code of conduct? One of the recurring things I hear from women is that they don’t know what to do in a weight room, so it puts them off. Learning to use the equipment is only one part […]