Fit Seniors – Zoom Classes For Older Adults

These classes are run specifically for seniors. Lockdowns have made everyone move less, and for older adults, this has an enormous impact on health and well-being.

The classes are designed to increase strength as well as improve your aerobic capacity, making everyday tasks easier.

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Tailored Exercise Programs

Have an exercise program created which is specific to your needs and that will fit in with your lifestyle. The very best exercise program in the world will be absolutely useless if you are unable to stick to it. There are so many reasons why you might not be able to follow it. There are time constraints, there are old injuries, there are aches and pains, or perhaps you simply don’t like it.

Let’s find some sort of exercise which works for you. If you enjoy it and it fits with your life- there’s a better chance of you continuing with it.

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One On One Training Sessions 

Have a one on one training session with me, and learn how to get the best out of your workout for your body type.

Set some realistic goals, de-mystify the weights room, and become comfortable in the environment.

Most importantly of all, have some fun whilst you’re doing all this.

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