10 years of menopause – hot flushes, lethargic, foggy brain, and no motivation. I’d had enough!

A good friend recommended I contact Felicity, so I got in touch and we got to work.

My aim was to get control of my life back – regulate hormones, improve fitness, increase bone density and regulate sleep. I hoped to gain knowledge on how my body was working and how to recognise and treat the menopause symptoms with fitness, diet, and natural supplements.

After 6 months with Felicity’s regime, I now have a spring in my step and appreciate the type of food I ingest and the importance of regular eating.

I’m now sleeping through and flushes have decreased to a small puff of warm air that is so infrequent I hardly notice. All this is supported by food that agrees with my body and the natural supplements my body required. My training involves weights and cardio 2-3 days per week.

I’m feeling stronger all over -mind and body. I find I’m now approaching life with clarity and patience.

Felicity’s wisdom and knowledge come from a genuine love of what she does. She has given me my own personal template for life.

-Kathy O’Brien


I was unhappy, overweight and uncertain as to how to change my patterns.

I contacted Felicity and asked for help.

When at 35 I couldn’t walk up a hill without being breathless, I knew I needed to do something serious.

Now I use food as fuel rather than just something I do three times a day. I enjoy my exercise and look forward to the sense of achievement that it gives me.

I’m no longer breathless and my Graves disease is in remission. I’m stronger in my mind and body, and prouder than I ever was of who I am as a woman who can deal with life’s challenges as they come up.

My new and forever lifestyle supports my ability to make good decisions.

-Naomi Malouf




One day I decided I didn’t want to be a “big” lady anymore.

So, ten months later, here I am- physically stronger and mentally better! Felicity Neale- thank you so much for all your efforts.

You have motivated me and pushed me to my limits. You are incredibly good at listening to my dramas, but at the same time, you have an intuitive way of assessing what I need to meet my goals.

It’s amazing my default now is to believe that I can do things, instead of imagining that I can’t.  You are not only my personal trainer but a good friend.

-Anna Laplap






I felt that I was getting into a rut!

I have been at Newtown Gym for over 15yrs. I normally participate in the classes as I’m competitive so this pushes me. When I have time constraints, I’ll often do my own workout. I’d been chatting with Felicity who very kindly offered to help me out & I thought it was worth giving it a go – I was blown away by the results.

I’ve seen an incredible increase in my strength which was my aim. I’ve always had incredible cardio but my strength has let me down as I didn’t realise you could burn as many calories with a good strength programme as you could a cardio programme.

It was so great. Felicity listened and understood my requirements and concerned and responded with a great tailored programme. She taught me little tips and tricks on how to use the weights room when I was training alone. She is also really fun!

-Sally Souter


I’m almost 72, and I needed someone who would understand the challenges of an ageing body.

Although I’ve been a member of Newtown Gym for many years, I’ve sometimes felt that a personal trainer would help me break out of the rut I had gotten into and motivate me to do more.    When it came time to renew my membership, I decided to take advantage of the gym’s special renewal offer and have a couple of sessions with a personal trainer.  I chose Felicity because she is a woman, and she is closer to my age than most personal trainers.  We’d had chats in the past and I could see she has a positive attitude and a great sense of humour!

I was in a rut.  I was bored with my workouts, and it was all too easy to let the weeks slip by without paying the gym a visit.  Although I’ve always been reasonably fit and active, I could feel it slipping.  I’d have the odd session on the treadmill, do a few weights and machines.  My physio had given me some weights to do to strengthen my shoulders, but I needed to move it up a notch.

Felicity has been fantastic.  After our initial sessions, I have continued to see her every three weeks or so.  She’s done a lot for me.  She has demystified the gym and I feel a lot more comfortable there.  I have a much wider repertoire of exercises to enjoy.   She listens and observes carefully to see what I need and at what level.  She explains each exercise and is a stickler for good technique.  She pushes, but not so much as to discourage.  After our sessions, she checks in with me to make sure I feel good.  In the months since starting with her, I am definitely stronger and more confident.  Best of all, I am a much more regular visitor to the gym and getting a lot more out of it.  Thanks, Felicity!